Air Traffic Viewer

Radar view

Approach Display

PCT Potomac Approach
N90 New York Approach
MDT Harrisburg Approach *
A80 Atlanta Approach *
SCT SoCal Approach **
NCT NorCal Approach **
C90 Chicago Appraoch **
* Using outdated interface
** Off-line

Using real-time Approach data overlaid on a radar map, this emulator shows what an Air Traffic Controller is looking at. This includes target location, histories, scratch pads', callsign, type, beacon, altitude, speed, category (weight), ADS-B status, and arrival/destination (if available)

Radar maps include:

Tower Display

IAD Dulles Tower
JFK John F. Kennedy Tower **
LGA LaGuardia Tower **
EWR Newark Tower **
SFO San Francisco Tower **
LAX Las Angeles Tower **
MDW Midway Tower **
* Using outdated interface
** Off-line

Using real-time Airport Data overlaid on a FAA Airport Diagram, shows an approach like datablock. Also included are arrival list, and departure lists. Aircraft departure/destination data is shown (if available)

Center Display

ZDC Washington ARTCC **
ZNY New York ARTCC **

Currently using the approach datablock display. Will be changed to a center datablock with 4th line data (eventually).


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